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Cracking Furnaces – Reaction and Combustion Fundamentals (PB135)

Designed For:

Engineers, operators, maintenance and training personnel responsible for issues associated with cracking furnaces.

Course Overview:

The first part of the course provides introductory knowledge of the fundamental theory of cracking (pyrolysis), coking and decoking, combustion and heat transfer inside the firebox. In the second part of the course, this knowledge will be used to look at the impact burners have on each of these elements and how their design can be optimized to reach production and emission targets.

This course will be taught by industry experts with the latest and most practical knowledge of the cracking process. Attendees are invited to bring specific operating problems for discussion with an Institute instructor or for discussion with a group of peers who have experienced similar situations at their facilities.

Some Topics Covered During the Course:

  • Pyrolysis Reactions
  • Radiant Coil Design
  • Coking and Decoking Fundamentals
  • Combustion and Heat Transfer
  • Firebox/Burner design and operation
  • Burner Solutions for Flux Control and Emissions
  • Maintenance & Inspection
  • Troubleshooting


This course is eligible for 1.8 CEUs.

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