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Refining Fundamentals PB165

Designed for:

Engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel from hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants around the world.


Course Description:

Refining Fundamentals provides introductory knowledge of the essential theory and practical of refinery operations.  In this two-day course, a broad range of topics related to refineries will be covered.


Course Overview:

This course starts with the basics of crude oil origin and production, and explains refining processes to meet gasoline and diesel specifications. The effect of crude oil properties on refining processes and operations is presented. A virtual tour of a refinery is provided with numerous photographs.  Basic information on refinery organization and rule of thumbs about refinery economics are provided.


Course Topics:

Crude Oil

  • Origin and discovery of oil
  • Production and cleaning at site for pipeline specs
  • Classification & properties of crude oils

Product Specifications

  • Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil, residual fuel oil #6, asphalt

Refining Concept – Physics and Chemistry

  • Solids and salts
  • Carbon Number Concept

Oil Refining Processes and Flow Diagrams

  • Crude units
  • Hydrotreating/hydrocracker units
  • Fluid catalytic cracking unit
  • Coking units
  • Reforming units
  • Alkylation units
  • Other units and utilities
  • Refinery flow diagram – step by step

Refinery Organization and Economics

  • Small and large refinery org charts
  • Simple economics of oil refining
  • Glossary – naming conventions and abbreviations


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