Is Your Combustion Equipment Safe?

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Ask About BMS-FIT.

A Burner Management System Functional Interlock Testing (BMS-FIT) service from JZHC ensures that your combustion unit is functioning safely, protecting your people and facility by shutting off the fired equipment when necessary and starting up the fired equipment when needed.

Why Do I Need BMS-FIT?

Will the interlock devices on your combustion equipment work when needed? If you don’t test, you don’t know. If they don’t work, the control system may not shut the unit down when needed which could lead to equipment damage and personal injury. Also, they may not let you start your combustion equipment which could lead to costly production downtime. Don’t take that risk.

Other Common Questions About BMS-FIT.

Q: What equipment can have a BMS-FIT service?
A: All types of fired equipment can benefit from BMS-FIT, including:

  • Single Boiler Burners
  • Multiple Boiler Burners
  • Duct Burners
  • Air Heaters
  • Thermal Fluid Heaters
  • Warm-up Burners

Q: Does it have to be JZHC equipment?
A: No. We can perform a BMS-FIT service on all types of fired equipment, regardless of who manufactured it.

Q: What all is included in a BMS-FIT service?
A: JZHC can customize our BMS-FIT services to your specific needs. Click here to see a list of services.

Q: Why can’t my own people do the testing?
A: Your personnel are busy keeping your combustion equipment running and tending to other responsibilities. They typically do not have the time, or expertise, to perform interlock testing the right way to verify the devices are working correctly.

Q: Won’t the control system shut everything down when needed?
A: Even if the interlock devices are working correctly, the control system still may not shut the equipment down in an emergency if the settings on the interlocks are incorrect. A BMS-FIT service tests functionality and ensures that the settings are correct.

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