Catalytic Oxidation

KEU catalytic oxidation systems clean up all solvent mixtures, offering trouble-free oxidation of sulphur and chlorine compounds, volume flow and loading variations up to 75% of the maximum rating, and no formation of CO, Nox and Dioxine. Our stable, high active and heat resistant catalyst provides a service life of 30,000+ operating hours while compact designs such as roof-mounted units reduce space requirements. Our engineers can also modify the system to provide recuperative heat recovery.

In catalytic oxidation, the solvents containing waste gases are preheated by an upstream heat exchanger using the waste heat of the treated waste air. If the reaction temperature is not achieved by this process, the waste gases are supplied through a downstream combustion chamber. Waste air is then directed through the reactor bed equipped with high porous material (non-precious metal catalyst).

Technical Data

Loading: up to 10 g/Nm³

Reaction temperature: 200 to 380 °C, chlorinated hydrocarbons up to 450 °C autothermal operation starting from 3.5 g/Nm³

Rating: up to 60,000 Nm³/h

Emissions acc to Air Pollution Requirements (TA-Luft) are kept within in any case.

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