KEU condensation systems are used when waste gas flows containing high organic loads need to be treated and the solvents economically reused. Examples include the recovery of solvents from drying cycles (e.g. in coating plants and mixers), volume reduction in gas displacement systems (e.g. tank farms and loading stations), condensation as part of the production processes (e.g. in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry) and waste gas conditioning upstream of a VOC plant. The central condensation unit can be a spray cooler or the KEU-designed FRIGOSOLVERĀ®.

Compared to other recovery systems, the KEU condensation process offers a variety of benefits including:

  • The ability to run continuous and batch operations
  • High treatment efficiency, with the recovered solvents obtained under recovery process conditions often being directly reused
  • No fog development
  • A small temperature difference between the liquid and gas phase
  • Absorption possible when feeding into the liquid phase
  • Operation at atmospheric pressure or overpressure if needed
  • Small space requirements due to the compact design
  • Safe and economical technology
  • Operation with electricity as the sole energy source if desired

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