The KEU HiTurb is a proprietary complex burner that allows the treatment of liquid and/or gaseous residues without problems due to the high density of energy of the combustion chamber.

Combustion air is directed through the ring split formed by the double steel coat of the chamber before flowing into the combustion process in counterflow. The primary turbulence produced by the sprayer lance, as well as the secondary turbulence produced by the counterflow direction, ensures an optimum mixture of the combustion air and fuels. The KEU HiTurb burner features:

  • Simultaneous treatment of several liquid and/or gaseous residues
  • Separate supply for each flow
  • Integrated combustion air preheating before entering the combustion zone
  • Gradual turbulence/mixture by spraying and counterflow direction
  • Possibility to add or cut single flows
  • Flexibility of the firing system in case of variating fuel resp. waste air volumes
  • Large control range, e.g. understoichometric and overstoichiometric operation
  • Disposal of nitrous residuals without secondary measures

Technical Data

Loading: unlimited

Reaction temperature: > 900 °C

Rating: 500 kW – 18 MW combustion efficiency standard designs

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