Solid Desiccant Unit / Molecular Sieve Dehydration

Equipment Supply and Engineering Expertise

ETI provides solid desiccant adsorption units for numerous applications including:

  • Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units
  • Short Cycle Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Units
  • Propane Dryers
  • Silica Gel and Activated Alumina Dehydration Units
  • Activated Carbon Adsorption Units

Adsorption processes use one or more solid adsorbents which provide a surface adhesion to certain molecules within a fluid stream. Common solid adsorbents used as desiccants include molecular sieves, activated alumina, calcium chloride and silica gels including Sorbead®.

Common fluid streams to be purified include natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams such as propane or ethane propane mixes and LPG product streams. The contaminants removed from the fluid stream, known as adsorbates, can include water, H2S, CO2,and heavy hydrocarbons.

The adsorption process is a batch process, with the process fluid flowing through one or more adsorber vessels until the desiccant is saturated with the adsorbate. Upon saturation, the spent bed is taken off-line and regenerated with hot gases or a pressure swing cycle to remove the adsorbate.

ETI can also supply process design evaluations to expand or upgrade existing facilities and can recommend equipment upgrades including:

  • Replacement Adsorbers
  • Replacement Regeneration Gas Heaters
  • Switching Valve Skid Assemblies
  • Process Automation Packages

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