Oil & Gas Processing Equipment

ETI has delivered proven solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, gas transmission, utility and power industries for decades. Now part of JZHC, customers worldwide can count on ETI expertise backed by the resources of an industry leader.

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Design, Fabrication
And Commissioning.

ETI provides a broad range of services that span all phases of project development, including:

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Process design
  • Mechanical and detail design
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical field services

Recent Projects.

The variety of applications for ETI products is as wide as our product range. Our capabilities span all phases of project development from conceptual engineering to technical field services. Take a look at some of the recent solutions we’ve delivered for customers, then give us a call about your next project.

ETI Projects

Gas Processing.

ETI offers a broad range of gas processing solutions and can custom-engineer one to meet your specific requirements.

  • Glycol dehydrators
  • Amine gas sweetening units
  • Mechanical refrigeration units
  • Fuel gas conditioning units
  • Solid desiccant unit/mole sieve
  • Filter separators and coalescers
  • Carbon bed filters


Liquids Separation
And Dehydration.

We provide systems to remove water and salts from crude oil, and to process and stabilize hydrocarbon liquids for storage, transport or process requirements.

  • Free water knockouts
  • Water skimmers
  • Mechanical treaters
  • Electrostatic treaters
  • Crude oil/NGL stabilizers

Heat Transfer.

ETI designs and fabricates water bath heaters and convective heaters for a wide variety of industries. Our heat transfer products have been proven effective and efficient in numerous installations coast-to-coast and overseas.

  • Water bath heaters
  • Convective heaters
  • Salt bath heaters
  • Direct-fired helical coil heaters
  • Desalters