Flare Pilots, Igniters & Monitoring Systems

Ensuring Reliable Flare Performance.

Energy-Efficient Pilots: We’ve leveraged our flare experience to engineer reliable pilots capable of withstanding the most extreme winds and rain, while eliminating re-ignition delays.

Reliable Ignition: Superior flare performance starts with reliable ignition. That’s why thousands of installations worldwide depend on the consistent performance of our igniters.

Continuous Monitoring Systems: Our pilot monitors deliver superior performance and peace of mind, so you know your pilot is safely lit in remote and hard-to-access locations during the most intense wind, rain and snow.

Other Accessories: We offer a complete range of control systems to keep flares operating at maximum performance with long life and even longer maintenance intervals. Retractable thermocouples, steam controls, blower controls for air-assisted systems and explosion-prevention systems are available for virtually every application to suit your specific monitoring and troubleshooting needs.