Liquid Seals & Back-Pressure Control

Field-Proven Peace Of Mind.

Flare gas recovery requires a back-pressure control device to isolate the flare from the flare header. This device must be fail-safe to allow a clear flow path of relieved gas to the flare during operation and emergency release. JZHC offers two proven technologies for this critical back-pressure control:

  • Quick Opening Valve Skid with Bypass
  • Deep Liquid Seal Vessel

Our liquid seal drums have proprietary internals that ensure a steady flow of gases to the flare tip to increase the maximum smokeless capacity of the flare with the minimum amount of supplemental energy. Our exclusive internals design, proven in numerous flares, minimizes noise caused by uneven combustion. Our surge-resistant internals also minimize entrainment and provide a positive flame arrestor in the event of a flashback.

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