Roi/Recover Costs

A Smart Investment

Reduced facility emissions: Flare gas recovery and re-use is a great option to reduce emissions. Emissions credits can be used elsewhere in the facility, sold, or used to avoid purchasing additional credits.

Improved public relations: Our flare gas recovery units reduce flare operation to a minimum for a substantial reduction of visible flames, noise or odors.

Reduced purchase gas requirements and/or increased salable gas: Normal operation at refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities generates a flare gas with substantial heating value. Our FGR systems recover that flare gas for use as fuel, feedstock, or product. In most situations, the value of the recovered product is more than the cost to recover it, and some very dramatic paybacks are achieved when volatile energy prices trend upward.

Zero impact on safety relief system: When properly executed, flare gas recovery can be seamlessly integrated into existing flare systems without compromising performance or safety.

Extended flare-tip life: The life of a flare tip is related to the amount of usage, so a reduction in flare operation may extend the flare-tip life for years.

Reduced steam consumption: Steam is frequently used to suppress smoke in flares. Recovering flare gas reduces the amount of flare gas for combustion and thus reduces steam usage. A reduction in steam utility usually has an associated, measurable financial benefit.

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