Catalytic Oxidation

Reliable Solvent Mixture Cleanup.

KEU catalytic oxidation systems clean up all solvent mixtures, providing trouble-free oxidation of sulfur and chlorine compounds. Our systems offer volume flow and loading variations up to 75% of the maximum rating, with no formation of CO, NOx or dioxins. Our stable, high-active and heat-resistant catalyst provides a service life of 30,000+ operating hours while compact designs, such as roof-mounted units, reduce space requirements.

  • Loading: up to 10 g/Nm³
  • Reaction temperature: 200 to 380 °C, chlorinated hydrocarbons up to 450 °C autothermal operation starting from 3.5 g/Nm³
  • Rating: up to 60,000 Nm³/h
  • Emissions acc to Air Pollution Requirements (TA-Luft) are kept within in any case

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