Sulfur Recovery Units

Proven SRU Performance for Seamless System Integration.

JZHC can supply all necessary equipment for fired processes within the Claus Sulfur Recovery Unit, including single Acid Gas Burners, Reaction Furnaces, In-Line Heaters, Reducing Gas Generators and Tail Gas Incinerator packages. We work both through appointed Licensors for the Claus SRU process and independently, providing complete process design and supply for all the fired equipment in the sulfur recovery unit.

Our proven High Intensity (HI) Burners are ideal for applications including acid gas reaction furnaces, process heaters and boilers, CO and hydrogen synthesis, inert gas generation, and low-NOx performance on NOxidizer® systems. The advanced spin-vane assembly and burner design creates a high-intensity mixing zone while providing a stable flame. HI burners can be designed as an “insert” for retrofit applications with minimal fieldwork.

  • Flexible fuel capacity (either liquid or gas)
  • Ability to meet turndown requirements up to 10-to-1
  • Airflow is controlled for optimum H2S/SO conversion
  • Can be used in Oxygen Enrichment applications
  • Operates at sub-stoichiometric conditions with no soot formation
  • Maximize destruction efficiency of acid gas contaminants


Sulfer Recovery Process

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