Basic Oxygen Furnace

Accurate End-Point Detection.

End-point detection in the BOF steel-making process is critical to optimal efficiency. Ending the oxygen blow too late oxidizes iron which reduces yield and wastes oxygen. Ending the blow too early can cause the steel carbon specification to be missed, requiring a costly re-blow. End-point can be determined by correlating the rate of change of off-gas concentrations (CO and CO2) and in some cases temperature to final bath carbon levels. Existing off-gas analytical methods are too slow (typically 30-45 seconds) to allow live end-point timing and can only be used for predictive control. Only ZoloSCAN offers a near real-time update rate (2 seconds) of CO, CO2, O2, H2O and temperature, for closed-loop control and optimization of the end of blow in the BOF process.

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