How Does It Work?

We can apply Smart Combustion solutions across a wide variety of equipment to help you maximize efficiency and optimize performance in real time. This example shows how Ember, our digital combustion assistant, utilizes Smart Combustion technology for improved process burner performance.

Why Do We Need It?

While traditional safety and monitoring systems only catch obvious symptoms, they don’t reveal a problem’s root cause until it’s too late. They don’t uncover optimization opportunities. And they don’t enable smart management of your combustion equipment. Smart Combustion solutions do all that and more.

See how Flint Hills Resources plans to save $1 million in just the first year by using our Smart Combustion solution, Ember.

Smart Combustion™

Smart Combustion solutions provide real-time digital analytics and apply them to your combustions systems. We pair that information with the vast equipment and performance knowledge of our engineering and operations experts, enabling your equipment to run at its maximum potential every day, year after year.

Read about our partnership with EFT Analytics for cloud-based artificial intelligence technologies.

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