Vapor Control

Your Solution for Volatile Organic Emissions.

With emissions legislation coming to Turkey, now is the time to talk to the vapor control experts. With more than 2,000 vapor control installations worldwide and our vapor control technologies designated as the “Best Demonstrated Technology” we can put our expertise to work for you

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Free Seminar.

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The Legislation.

Emission limits are 10g/Nm3 for facilities larger than 50k tons and 15g/Nm3 for facilities smaller than 50k tons Legislation will be in power by Dec.8th, 2020, and equipment must be operating exactly a year later.

The Solution.

Get the Best Available Technology (BAT) from JZHC. Our Carbon Adsorption Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) safely prevent harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from being released into the atmosphere during operations that involve the transfer of evaporative hydrocarbons. Because our VRUs are highly adaptable for a variety of applications, our engineers can customize an emission control solution that optimizes your specific system.

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