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Advanced Biogas Systems (BG202)

Pre-requisite: Biogas Systems (BG105)

Designed For:

Engineers, operators, technicians and regulatory personnel from landfill facilities, waste management facilities, wastewater treatment plants, digester facilities, and governments around the world.

Course Overview:

Biogas Systems is taught by John Zink’s engineering and service personnel who work full time on biogas equipment. The course includes in-depth discussions on specialized equipment in the biogas industry including Ultra Low Emission (ZULE) Enclosed Flares, Siloxane Flares, Leachate Evaporators, and many more.

Some Topics Covered During the Course Include:

  • ZULE – Flare Design & Mechanical Components
  • ZULE – Advanced Controls
  • Hybrid Thermal Oxidizer (ZBRID) Flares
  • Siloxane Flares
  • Evaporator Design & Mechanical Components
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss design concepts of Ultra Low Emission (ZULE) enclosed flares.
  • Understand the operation of each specialized equipment
  • Discuss advanced controls and tuning concepts for the Ultra Low Emission (ZULE) enclosed flares.
  • Understand how specialty biogas equipment can interact at the site.


This course is eligible for 0.7 CEUs

Location, Dates and Prices:

Advanced Biogas Systems (BG202) Tulsa, OK September 17, 2020 $495.00 CANCELED due to COVID Virus
Advanced Biogas Systems (BG202) Tulsa, OK May 13, 2021 $495.00 Register For Class