Landfill & Biogas


Let us help you destroy waste gas including methane and NMOC’s, reduce emissions (up to 98% destruction efficiencies), and optimize the production of valuable renewable energy.

Landfill And Biogas Solutions.

Biogas Conditioning

JZHC offers comprehensive biogas conditioning systems including expert landfill gas compressor capabilities for both the dehydration of and sulfur removal of landfill gas. If you need to use landfill gas as fuel in a gas-to-energy system, we can help.

Our systems are capable of handling up to 10,000 scfm and include a dual-pump skid with a 1,600-gallon, carbon-steel storage tank. Each system is fully automated through a master control panel for ease-of-use.

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Leachate Evaporators

JZHC leachate evaporators drastically reduce operation man-hours, simplify maintenance, and streamline installation. Designed to work continuously without a dedicated operator, the system also features extended cleaning intervals and continuous, hands-free operation with automatic filling of the leachate and draining of the solids. Performance is never sacrificed, however, as the system effectively reduces leachate volume by as much as 98%.

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Blower Skid Packages

JZHC blower skid packages help you operate cleaner and more economically, with minimized installation costs and start-up time. Our blower systems maximize waste gas collection by pulling waste gas from the landfill through a series of wells, then safely transporting it to the Zink biogas flare, a gas facility or other end-use location. Our pre-packaged blower skids offer skid capacities up to 12,000 SCFM for multiple flare systems and come pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested.

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ZULE® Ultra Low Emissions Flares

The ZULE (Zink Ultra Low Emissions) Biogas Flare achieves a destruction efficiency rate greater than 99.5%—meeting the most stringent NOx, CO and destruction efficiency requirements. No other solution has more units in operation or a longer history of proven performance. ZULE offers the lowest achievable NOx in the industry, tested as low as 3–4 ppm, and near-zero CO emissions for temperatures as low as 1200°F. Using exclusive, patented JZHC technology, ZULE delivers a 60% NOx reduction and a 70% CO reduction over traditional biogas flares.

  • 0.025 lb / MMBtu NOx guaranteed
  • 0.06 lb / MMBtu CO guaranteed

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ZTOF® Enclosed Flares

ZTOF enclosed flares completely conceal the combustion of waste gas while delivering high destruction efficiencies, smokeless operation, and eliminating radiation. You can acheive capacities up to 6000 SCFM with a single flare and 10:1 or greater turndown without any external or internal adjustments.

  • Suitable for any biogas application including landfill, carbon credit projects and industrial or agriculture digester gas
  • Available for specialized designs including low BTU gas streams, purge air gas from siloxane removal systems, coal-mine gas, and more

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ZEF™ Elevated Flare System

This system processes a wide range of landfill waste gas compositions and flow rates, and is suitable for any biogas application, including landfill, carbon credit projects, and industrial or agriculture digester gas. The flare’s candlestick design is a cost-effective way to eliminate odorous methane during landfill decomposition.

ZEF meets EPA 40 CFR 60. 18 criteria for open flare emissions and design standards and provides 10:1 or greater turndown without any external or internal adjustments.

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ZBRID Hybrid Thermal Oxidizer

ZBRID is a field-proven design that achieves a 98% or greater destruction efficiency. This hybrid technology oxidizes low BTU off-gasses (typically less than 15% CH4) from CO2 stripping processes and landfill perimeter wells, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional thermal oxidizers for destroying low methane waste gas streams.

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Other Solutions

  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Regeneration gas flares
  • Digester flare systems
  • Monitoring and data management systems


In the decades after our first biogas installation we’ve been a leader in research and development, manufacturing, advanced testing, and field installation. You can leverage our experience with a performance upgrade to optimize your entire biogas flaring system, helping you meet even the toughest environmental regulations.

Carbon Credit Projects.

Since 2005, we’ve provided the international carbon credit market with high destruction the highest efficiency flare systems, specialized equipment, and advanced clean-air technologies to maximize credits and help global operations work cleaner and more economically.

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Energy Development Projects.

Our full range of solutions includes proven operational designs, retrofit control packages to manage gas flow between existing flare and new utilization projects, and complete landfill gas control for third-party users using flow/pressure set points to streamline communication and enhance overall system performance.

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Training Classes.

Through the John Zink Institute℠, we actively share the experience and expertise we’ve gained from years as an acknowledged industry leader. Thousands have taken advantage of our accredited, practical courses.

Compliance Testing

Accurate emissions measurement and other testing services are vital to your operations. Let us help you avoid costly penalties by providing reliable testing and, if needed, access to problem-solving support. Services include:

  • Air Emission Source (Stack) Testing
    • Permit Compliance Tests
    • Engineering/R&D Assessments
  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)
  • Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA)
  • Butane Working Capacity (BWC) for activated carbon (ASTM-5228)

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