We operate one of the world’s largest combustion rental fleets. Our engineers can quickly determine the most appropriate solution for your application and install the equipment to minimize downtime.

The Complete Fleet


Dock Safety Unit

USCG regulations define the safety equipment that must be installed in a marine vapor emission control system and include requirements for vessel over/under pressure protection, fire and explosion protection, and vapor conditioning. Our proven Dock Safety Unit (DSU) meets all these requirements, incorporating the dock safety equipment required by the USCG in a conveniently packaged, skid-mounted assembly that is now available for rent. Used in combination with our Portable Emission Control System (PECS®) rental unit, this is the perfect solution for handling your increased oil production.

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PECS® (Portable Emissions Control Systems)

Our PECS system, a self-contained trailer-mounted vapor combustor, is a cost-effective, temporary solution to regulated operational issues such as VOC emission control. The PECS combustor, which meets and often exceeds most emission control requirements, is designed for either horizontal or vertical operation and does not require heavy equipment for system setup.

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Enclosed Combustors

We rent enclosed flares in various sizes to help meet smokeless flaring needs. The trailer-mounted enclosed flares are easy to transport and set up. The flame is completely contained inside the unit, making it “community friendly” with no visible emissions.

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Elevated Flare

Our portable, guyed flare systems are up to 190-feet tall. These guy-wire supported flares are self-contained and delivered with all the required cables and hardware.

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Tripod Flare

Smaller than our guyed systems, our elevated, tripod-supported flares are easily transported and quickly set up. These flares come with a variety of tips to accommodate almost any service. Trailer-mounted, tripod-supported flares are also available.

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Landfill Flare

Our rental landfill flares efficiently destroy organic compounds generated by solid waste and other biogas processes. We have open, enclosed and trailer-mounted systems available.

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Flare Components & Parts

We not only maintain one of the largest rental fleets of equipment, we also offer a wide variety of miscellaneous parts and accessories for rent. Our inventory includes purge-reduction devices, pilots, KO Drums and adapters.

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  • Daily (7-day minimum)
  • Monthly (12- month minimum)
  • Rent to own
  • Custom options


Depending on circumstances (how quickly it’s needed, cost, duration of rental, chances of re-renting, etc.), our rental team may be able to custom design and build a new piece of rental equipment that currently doesn’t exist in our rental fleet.

How to Rent.

Renting from us is easy. To get started, simply complete and submit the Rental Questionnaire. Once we receive your questionnaire:

  • We will send a Proposal and Lease Agreement to you.
  • You complete and return the Lease Agreement.
  • We’ll schedule rental equipment for delivery to your site.
  • Once done with the equipment, you call us for equipment pick up.
  • We’ll pick up equipment and send a final invoice.