A Holistic
Service Solution To Improve Performance

When there’s an issue with your heater, partner with the single source that can drive the outcomes you’re searching for.

We’ve strategically expanded our capabilities across a broad range of industries to respond to your ever-growing and evolving needs. We use our deep domain expertise combined with our extensive capability set to improve your overall heater/reformer performance.

  • Turnaround schedule improvement
  • Increased project safety and reliability
  • Seamless approach to achieve lower total installed cost for project completion
  • Prefabrication to minimize downtime
  • Increased yield and throughput
  • Reduced emissions

Our Unique Capabilities and Approach

Our capabilities and approach are unique in the industry. We combine industry leading combustion expertise and technology from John Zink Hamworthy Combustion with extremely effective, world-class installation service offerings from Koch Specialty Plant Services to bring you a holistic heater/reformer services solution. 

Our unique capabilities include:

  • New heater and reformer installations
  • Damper changeouts
  • Tube support replacements
  • Convection section replacements
  • Specialty welding
  • Replacement stacks and ducting
  • Radiant and convection retubes
  • Burner replacements
  • Digitally optimized performance
  • CFD modeling

Counter-Weight and
Spring Hanger Installation

Burner Installation /

Tube Installation

Refractory Repair

Ductwork Repair

Complimentary Systems
(Jackshafts, SCR, APH, Ductwork)

Feed Header, Transfer Line,
and Pigtail Installation

Observation Door
Redesign / Replacement

Furnace Skin Replacement

Furnace Floor
Redesign / Replacement

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion - Holistic Heater/Reformer

Proven Performance

Avoid the cost and complexity of working with multiple contractors – our teams combine our deep domain expertise with technicians trained in the latest technologies to troubleshoot operations and help plan your next heater turnaround or outage. We offer preventative maintenance programs, inspections, testing, heater/reformer repair, ultra-low NOx burners, specialty welding and piping, and tube replacements. Combining these capabilities gives you a single-dedicated resource to reduce turnaround times, increase accountability and get you back to normal operations more efficiently.


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