We engineer the world’s most advanced flaring systems. Decades of research and development are incorporated into every flare design to provide unsurpassed reliability, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Flare Solutions

Multi-Point Ground Flares

Low Radiation and Maximum Smokeless Performance.

The LRGO multi-point ground flare (MPGF) has become the design of choice for operators who desire a flare system that can provide high smokeless capacities and combustion efficiency in a flare design that minimizes visual impact to the surrounding community. The LRGO flare is designed with staging and ignition systems to ensure safe, short, smokeless flames are maintained over the full operating range of the flare.

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Steam-Assisted Flares

Safe, Economical And Smokeless.

Our steam-assisted flare solutions use advanced, simplified steam delivery and special noise control technologies to maximize smokeless performance efficiencies and reduce the impact of flaring.

Our state-of-the-art Steamizer® XP™ minimizes smoke and reduces steam consumption compared to traditional steam flare solutions. It uses 30% less steam for smoke suppression during flaring operations than traditional technologies. Its innovative primary steam/air eduction and secondary air entrainment techniques result in an increased smokeless capacity of 40% for a given steam flow rate.

Other steam-assisted solutions include the Steamizer HSA and QS™ flare tips.

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Enclosed Ground Flares

Zero Smoke, Low Noise And No Visible Flame.

Our enclosed ground flare systems combust waste gases cleanly and efficiently by eliminating smoke and minimizing noise and visible flame from conventional flaring. Enclosed flares are customized to client specifications to achieve excellence in overall system performance using unique technologies such as JZHC fin plate burners and our proprietary fluidic wind fence design.

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Demountable Flare Structures

Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Downtime.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion demountable flare structures offer incredible flexibility and efficiency. Our risers are designed to allow the flare to be lowered to grade for ease of service and inspection. This design concept offers enhanced flare maintenance and flexibility while minimizing the impact to plant operations.

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Pressure-Assisted Flares

High Performance, Low Radiation, And Long Tip Life.

Our pressure-assisted flare systems safely deliver the highest smokeless capacities and lowest radiation of any pressure-assisted flare design. The Kaldair® Indair, JZ Hydra, Kaldair Multipoint Indair (KMI) and JZ Poseidon flare systems provide low radiation, quiet operation and unlimited turndown—making them the production industry’s most economical pressure-assisted flare choices. These proven designs produce short, smokeless flames with no assist medium, allowing use of shorter boom lengths and simpler mounting structures.

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Air-Assisted Flares

Cost-Effective, Smokeless Flaring.

Plants that require smokeless flares where steam is not preferred use our state-of-the-art, air-assisted flare systems for cost-effective, smokeless flaring.

Our long-lasting flares use a range of innovative techniques to optimize air-to-gas mixing and eliminate steam-energy costs. These innovative designs are used to optimize flaring performance from small, simple applications to large, complex designs and everything in between. Air-assisted flares can be used as a first-stage flare in multi-flare arrays designed to meet high capacity needs.

Our air-assisted flare solutions include:

  •  JZ LHLB™
  • SMART™ (Refining and Petrochemical only)
  • JZ LH™
  • LHTS™, LS™ (Production only)

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Liquid Flares

Portable Design, Flexible Operation, Easy To Deploy.

We pioneered the logical alternative to remote oil disposal with the Kaldair Condair™ liquid flare systems. Liquid flares eliminate the logistical headaches of shipping, trucking and storage, especially in hard-to-access locations on land, water and in arctic environments. We also developed our liquid flares with the clean-flaring advantages our customers expect, including minimum smoke, low radiation and low noise, and unique features for handling a wide variety of viscous fluids at high rates. Designs frequently include multiple flares on booms and use a water screen to minimize radiation during high flare rates.

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  • Chemical plants
  • Gas pipelines and distribution
  • LNG facilities
  • Offshore/onshore oil and gas production
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Upstream operations

Flare Pilots, Igniters & Monitoring Systems.

We know a single flare failure can bring a sudden, expensive halt to your operations. And costs can add up quickly: unexpected repairs, unforeseen expenditures, environmental fines and lost production. That’s why we not only pioneered the world’s most advanced flaring systems, we engineered a wide range of energy-efficient flare pilots, ignition systems and pilot monitors specifically designed to keep your flare systems operating at peak performance.

Ensuring Reliable Flare Performance.

Energy-Efficient Pilots: We’ve leveraged our flare experience to engineer reliable pilots capable of withstanding the most extreme winds and rain, while eliminating re-ignition delays.

Reliable Ignition: Superior flare performance starts with reliable ignition. That’s why thousands of installations worldwide depend on the consistent performance of our igniters.

Continuous Monitoring Systems: Our pilot monitors deliver superior performance and peace of mind, so you know your pilot is safely lit in remote and hard-to-access locations during the most intense wind, rain and snow.

Other Accessories: We offer a complete range of control systems to keep flares operating at maximum performance with long life and even longer maintenance intervals. Retractable thermocouples, steam controls, blower controls for air-assisted systems and explosion-prevention systems are available for virtually every application to suit your specific monitoring and troubleshooting needs.

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Flare Inspections.

Flare tip damage isn’t always visible from the ground. That’s why JZHC offers inspections of in-service flares using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). Annual inspections can save you money in the long run.

Training Classes.

Through the John Zink Institute℠, we actively share the experience and expertise we’ve gained from years as an acknowledged industry leader. Thousands have taken advantage of our accredited, practical courses.

Testing & CFD Analysis.

JZHC tests each major flare model, and can provide customer demonstrations, on the flare pad at our world-class R&D test center. Such thorough testing helps ensure safe, efficient and practical flare operation. In addition, our engineers perform extensive CFD analysis and modeling to provide a prediction of flow, mixing, and combustion in flare flames. Our engineers also utilize CFD to assess flare performance and environmental impact at customer sites.