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Biofuel Emissions Control & Efficiency (TO167)

Designed for:

Engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel from biofuels processing plants and engineering design firms.

Course Overview:

This course includes thermal oxidizers, boilers, and vapor combustors used to minimize emissions and improve efficiency in biofuels plants. It will include topics such as combustion basics, pollutant emissions including NOx and VOCs, and equipment design for thermal oxidizers, boilers, and vapor combustors. The focus of the course will be on minimizing pollution emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and maximizing uptime. Thermal oxidizer tests and demonstrations will be shown at a new world-class thermal oxidation test facility.

Some Topics Covered During the Course Included:

  • Combustion fundamentals
  • Pollution emissions
  • Ultra low-NOx systems
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Boilers
  • Vapor combustors
  • Equipment maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Thermal oxidizer equipment demonstration


This course is eligible for 1.4 CEUs.

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