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Process Burner Fundamentals (ePB107)

Course Pre-reqs: Process Burner Theory

Designed for:

Engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel from hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants around the world.

Course Description:

Process Burner Fundamentals provides introductory knowledge of the essential theory and practical application of process burners.

Typical Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Discuss the basics of combustion, heat transfer, and fluid flow and how they impact burner and heater performance
  • Operate a heater safely and more efficiently
  • Distinguish a good flame from a poor flame
  • Discuss different types of typical burners, their operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Diagnose problems with heaters and burners to determine what action to take to correct the problems
  • Discuss how to maximize the thermal efficiency of your heating equipment
  • Install burners in accordance with manufacturer’s drawings
  • Maintain burners to obtain optimal performance

Some topics covered in previous courses include:

  • Fluid flow
  • Combustion fundamentals & safety
  • Burner installation and maintenance
  • Heat transfer
  • Burner fundamentals
  • Heater operations
  • Fuels
  • Burner demonstrations
  • Troubleshooting/Service


The live streaming course is eligible for 0.8 CEUs and the on-site course is eligible for 1.4 CEUs.

Location, Dates and Prices:


Process Burner Fundamentals (ePB107)
Caribbean/Jamaica virtual course
Virual Tuesday, Oct 19 — 9:00am – 11:00am AND 1:00pm – 3:00pm CST/Central
Wednesday, Oct 20 — 9:00am – 11:00am AND 1:00pm – 3:00pm CST/Central
$250.00 Register For Class

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