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Fired Heater Performance Monitoring (ePB213)

Designed for:

Engineer, operator, inspection, safety and training personnel working with or responsible for issues associated with fired heaters.

Course Overview:

The Fired Heater Performance Monitoring course helps attendees to understand what is happening inside the process fired heater during operation. This course identifies those mechanical and process conditions that affect the overall performance and reliability of fired equipment. Infrared thermometry and other essential performance monitoring tools are explained, providing attendees with best practices to optimize their fired heater operation.

Some Topics Covered During the Course Included:

  • Integrity Operating Window parameters and limits
  • Practical application of infrared thermometry
  • Heater performance monitoring checklist
  • Examples of key performance indicators


This course is eligible for 0.4 CEUs.

Location, Dates and Prices:

Fired Heater Performance Monitoring (ePB213)
Caribbean/Jamaica virtual course
Virtual Friday, Oct 22 — 9:00am – 11:00am
AND 1:00pm – 3:00pm CST/Central*

Course Flyer (SPECIAL VIRTUAL COURSE for Jamaica/Caribbean