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Process Burner Operations (PB118)

Designed for:

Operators, engineers, maintenance, safety and training personnel from hydrocarbon, chemical, and petrochemical processing and refining plants around the world.

Course Overview:

Students will learn the science of safe operation and the art of troubleshooting fired equipment. Students are invited to bring specific operating problems for one-on-one discussion with an Institute instructor or for discussion with a group of peers who have experienced similar situations at their facilities.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the latest combustion technologies and techniques to improve efficiency, insight into how air and fuel variability affect burner performance and emissions, and the knowledge to accurately evaluate the economics of replacements and retrofits.

Some Topics Covered During the Course:

  • Burner safety
  • Burner design
  • Burner installation
  • Burner maintenance
  • Heater/Burner operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inspection information
  • Combustion survey
  • Turnaround support


This course is eligible for 0.7 CEUs.

Location, Dates and Prices:

Offered as demanded.  Please contact the Institute for more information (918) 234-5710.