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Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures (EQ130)

Designed For:

Engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel from hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants responsible for determining and eliminating the causes of equipment failures.

Course Overview:

This seminar, taught by Dr. Anthony Sofronas and Mr. Richard S. Gill, brings participants up to speed quickly by illustrating the basic principles and simplified techniques that can be used to help solve plant problems. The course includes actual case histories, class-worked examples, videos, text, and detailed notes. At the end of the seminar participants will have a better understanding of the operation of many types of process equipment, their failure modes, and how to recognize and troubleshoot problems on equipment at their facilities.

Some Topics Covered During the Course:

  • Wear, Galling and Fretting
  • Corrosion
  • Thermal Growth and Deflections
  • Stresses, Creep and Fatigue
  • Interpreting Failures
  • Brittle Fracture
  • Analyzing Shaftings and Splines
  • Analyzing Bearings
  • Analyzing Bolting and Gasketed Joints
  • Analyzing Gearing
  • Repair Techniques
  • Technical Problem Solving and Decision-making Approaches
  • Vibration of Machines and Piping
  • Pressure Vessels and Life Extension
  • Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers
  • Fluid Flow and Centrifugal Pumps
  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Liquid and Gas Seals
  • Seal Face and “O” Rign Failures
  • Couplings

All students will receive a copy of the new book “Engineering Methods with Application to Industry” authored by course instructor Dr. Anthony Sofronas.


This course is eligible for 2.4 CEUs.

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