We are transforming the way we execute projects to deliver superior value to our customers.

The results from an internal survey revealed that the vast majority of respondents indicated that our teams don’t receive timely information necessary to allocate resources, execute the right projects at the right time, and achieve the on-time performance required to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe that the Demand Driven Operation Model (DDOM) strategy will help us improve our OTP and give us a competitive advantage in the market. We have agreed – continuing to try harder with our old tools and execution methodologies will not allow us to proceed with our current goal of providing Order Execution Excellence to our customers. Demand Driven Methods and Critical Chain Project Management presents a solution approach to our identified core problem and current negative effects. The details of how to apply these methodologies to our current operations requires critical thinking from our key stakeholders to ensure our solution set is well thought out and addresses their concerns and issues.

Core issues we are want to solve:

There’s no visibility on projects as a company in relation to schedule or resources.

  • DDOM provides one location that allows us to monitor our projects and resources across the company.

Multitasking is not efficient and people need the ability to focus on what is critical to the project.

  • A key methodology we will employ is “focus and finish” to help minimize multi-tasking and allow us to finish quicker

The approach will be a systemic to ensure are synchronized across all tasks.

  • The three main work streams in our projects are Engineering/Design, Material gathering, and Manufacturing (Internal and External).  The solution address each of these to ensure the work we do today is the most important.