Ensuring Operational Continuity: Thermal Oxidizer Rental for Railcar Cleaning Facility


Operational interruptions can be a significant challenge, particularly for facilities that require high-efficiency equipment to meet stringent regulatory requirements. This was the situation faced by a railcar cleaning facility that experienced a shutdown due to issues with its existing thermal oxidizer. With a permit demanding a destruction efficiency of 99.99%, finding a quick and effective solution was imperative.


The Challenge

The facility needed a thermal oxidizer that could handle a wide range of flows and compositions, a unique application that not all equipment can manage. Based on a positive experience at another location, they turned to John Zink for a reliable rental solution.


Rapid Response and Customer Collaboration

Understanding the urgency, John Zink quickly mobilized to address the facility’s needs. An onsite visit was scheduled to discuss the rental equipment and its integration into existing operations. This collaborative approach allowed John Zink’s experts to tailor a solution that would not only meet the facility’s requirements but also ensure seamless integration.

During the visit, the specifics of the application were reviewed, and the appropriate equipment was identified. Impressed by the thorough consultation and the proven track record of John Zink’s rental units, the customer placed an order that same day.


Swift Deployment and Expert Support

John Zink’s ability to respond swiftly was crucial. The rental unit was shipped the following day, demonstrating John Zink’s commitment to minimizing downtime for their customers. Upon arrival, commissioning began immediately, with John Zink project managers and subject matter experts onsite to support the installation and commissioning.

The presence of John Zink’s team ensured that any challenges during installation were quickly addressed, and the equipment was configured to meet the needs of the facility. This hands-on support was a key factor in getting the facility back online swiftly.



Thanks to the coordinated efforts and expert support from John Zink, the equipment was operational about 24 hours after the customer decided to rent. This rapid turnaround minimized the financial and operational impacts of the downtime during thermal oxidizer repair.


Partner with Us

For facilities facing similar challenges, John Zink offers reliable rental solutions supported by expert technical service and rapid deployment capabilities. With our commitment to customer success and our ability to provide custom-engineered solutions, we can help facilities overcome significant operational challenges. Contact us today to learn more.