John Zink Awarded VPP Star of Excellence


John Zink is dedicated to workplace safety, setting standards that prioritize the health and wellbeing of its employees. This commitment has been recognized with the Star of Excellence from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), reflecting not just compliance with safety protocols but a deep-rooted culture of safety involving all employees.


The Star of Excellence: Exceeding Industry Benchmarks

The Star of Excellence recognizes organizations that significantly outperform in safety, with injury and illness rates 90% below the industry’s national average. John Zink has earned this award by exceeding OSHA’s stringent standards, thanks to its proactive safety management, extensive training, and commitment to continuous improvement.


Advancing Safety Through PBM & Employee Engagement

In recent years, we’ve reinforced our commitment to safety with an enhanced focus on Principle-Based Management™ (PBM), which guides and strengthens our approach to workplace safety. Key tools like learning teams and a new reporting system—accessible through QR codes and SharePoint—allow staff to anonymously report safety hazards, near misses, or commend their colleagues. These engagement tools are instrumental in promoting participation and collaboration, further embedding our PBM culture and fostering a more open and communicative workplace.


Longstanding Partnership with OSHA

John Zink’s achievement of the Star of Excellence is supported by its longstanding relationship with OSHA via the VPP program. This partnership has helped develop a proactive safety culture that goes beyond mere compliance, enhancing safety management and involving employees in safety initiatives.


Acknowledging Our Safety Leaders

Achieving the Star of Excellence is a collective effort, spotlighting the dedication of our teams across various departments including manufacturing, R&D, and Field Services. These teams exemplify our safety commitment through strict adherence to protocols and proactive risk management. We extend special thanks to those who have shown outstanding dedication to our safety objectives.


Continuing Our Commitment to Excellence

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to elevate safety standards continuously. The Star of Excellence is both a nod to our past achievements and a guidepost for future safety enhancements. Inspired to maintain our partnership with OSHA, we leverage insights from our VPP involvement and encourage every team member to contribute to our evolving safety culture. Our goal is to persist as a benchmark for the highest safety and health standards, demonstrating that these goals are not just attainable but sustainable.