Meeting USCG Standards with John Zink’s Portable Marine Vapor Control Equipment

In the highly regulated maritime industry, meeting stringent safety and environmental standards is crucial for operations. Recently, a customer in the Gulf Coast area faced a significant challenge: they needed portable marine vapor control equipment that met U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) requirements. With no existing infrastructure in place for vapor control, they turned to John Zink for a reliable and efficient rental solution.


The Challenge

The customer required a temporary yet effective solution to manage vapor emissions and ensure compliance with USCG standards. The lack of existing infrastructure for vapor control equipment posed an additional challenge, necessitating a solution that was both portable and easy to install.


The Solution: Portable PECS® and Dock Safety Unit

John Zink’s team responded promptly, deploying the Rental PECS® (Portable Emission Control System), a trailer-mounted vapor combustor, along with a dock safety unit and propane vaporizer to the site. These portable designs were specifically chosen for their ease of installation and compliance with USCG requirements.


Technical Assistance and Operator Training

John Zink has experience with both rental and permanent marine vapor control systems. Our knowledgeable team provided comprehensive technical assistance during the installation process. A skilled technician was onsite to oversee the setup, ensuring that the equipment was installed correctly and functioning as intended.


Additionally, to ensure smooth operations, John Zink’s technician and project manager conducted onsite operator training. This training was crucial for the customer’s staff, enabling them to operate the equipment safely and efficiently, and ensuring that the site would pass the necessary Coast Guard certification.


Long-Term Benefits

The deployed equipment will be in use for a minimum of six months, providing the customer with a reliable solution for managing vapor emissions during this period. This allows the customer to continue loading operations while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.


Partner with Us

By leveraging our expertise and innovative products like the Rental PECS®, we help our customers maintain compliance and operational efficiency, even in the absence of existing infrastructure.


For facilities facing similar challenges, John Zink offers a range of reliable rental solutions, backed by expert technical service and rapid deployment capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your operational needs.