Oil & Gas Processing Equipment

ETI has delivered proven solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, gas transmission, utility and power industries for decades. Now part of JZHC, customers worldwide can count on ETI expertise backed by the resources of an industry leader.


Wet gas enters the absorber contacting the lean glycol in a packed section where water vapor is absorbed into the glycol. Rich, water-laden glycol exits from the absorber and flows to the regeneration system while dry gas exits the top of the absorber.

The rich glycol passes through a series of pre-heat exchangers, flash tank, and filters before entering the reboiler through the reboiler still column. The rich glycol is heated to approximately 400°F as water is boiled off and exits through the vent atop the reboiler still.

The Lean glycol is cooled prior to being pumped through a glycol/gas heat exchanger and into the absorber to continue the process.


The patented Oil Treating Variance Solution (OTVS) from ETI, uses indirect heating and multi-stage separation to meet RVP or Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil (VPCRx) specification prior to entering oil storage tanks. The results: increased safety and higher yields along with controlled capital and operating cost—all while using up to 60 % less plot space.

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