Filter Separators and Coalescers

ETI provides treatment systems to process and remove particulates and liquids from gas streams. The process equipment may consist of standalone vessels or skid-mounted modules depending upon the application and customer requirements.

The components of a filter separator/coalescer require a vessel to house the filter elements, a quick opening closure, the filter elements and mist extraction. The differences between whether a filter is a separator or a coalescer depends upon the direction of gas flow through the filter elements and the presence of pre- or post-mist elimination devices. Mist elimination devices are principally vane sections, double-pocket-vane or single-vane packs or mesh pads, or combo-vane-mesh packs.

The principal solid contaminants removed in filter separators are mill scales, rust, dust, formation fines, corrosion by-products, paraffins, and asphaltenes. The principal liquid contaminants removed in coalescing filters are water, hydrocarbons, and compressor lube oils. In each filter vessel there are five basic features: primary separation, filtration, secondary separation, mist extractor, and controlled liquid discharge.

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