Air-Assisted Flares

Cost-Effective, Smokeless Flaring.

Plants that require smokeless flares where steam is not preferred use our state-of-the-art, air-assisted flare systems for cost-effective, smokeless flaring.

Our long-lasting flares use a range of innovative techniques to optimize air-to-gas mixing and eliminate steam-energy costs. These innovative designs are used to optimize flaring performance from small, simple applications to large, complex designs and everything in between. Air-assisted flares can be used as a first-stage flare in multi-flare arrays designed to meet high capacity needs.

Our air-assisted flare solutions include:

  • JZ LHLB™
  • SMART™ (Refining and Petrochemical only)
  • JZ LH™
  • LHTS™, LS™ (Production only)

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