Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Meeting Stringent Clean Air Standards.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are suitable for all hydrocarbon compounds. We can design units to withstand corrosive pollutants if necessary, and also allow for recuperative heat recovery of heat produced in the reactor. For polymeric and sticky pollutants, the unit’s service life can be extended with on- or off-line burn-out.

The thermoreactor includes a reactor casing containing three or more heat exchanger sections. Depending on the intended process, ceramic heat transfer material heats the air to be treated up to a maximum of 40/50 °C below the actual reaction temperature.

  • Ultra-low CO2 and Nox emissions
  • Loading: up to 10 g/Nm³
  • Reaction temperature: 800 to 1,000 °C
  • Autothermal operation: from 1.7 g/Nm³, depending on the heating value
  • Rating: 5,000 up tp 250,000 Nm³/h

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