TruFire® Pilot Burner

TruFire: Proven In The Most Severe Conditions.

TruFire® electric ignition pilots have been proven in more than 100 installations and are designed to provide safe and reliable performance for thermal oxidizer and burner operation.

  • Uses compressed air to provide 100% premixed fuel for improved stability in high-draft and pressurized applications
  • Safely retractable and removable from the burner even during burner operation (manual and pneumatic retraction)
  • Robust, stable flame ensures burner ignition and flame detection
  • Stainless steel construction to minimize corrosion and maximize service temperature

TruFire UltraFlex: High-Heat Release And Maximum Flexibility.

Easy to install and able to reliably light in wet conditions, our TruFire® UltraFlex pilot and burner provides reliable performance as both pilot ignition and a high-heat release option for overall system flexibility. Our innovative high-heat release gives you the ability to fill the gap between burner turndown and typical output of the pilot, providing a better way to fine-tune your system’s performance. The TruFire pilot is made with stainless steel to minimize corrosion and its flexible design offers your choice of a fixed or retractable system. In addition, the system allows you to add a sightport or even a scanner directly to the pilot for safe, reliable flame verification.

Due to its flexible heat release option, the TruFire UltraFlex can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Start-up burner
  • Refractory cureout burner + Burner pilot
  • Gas / air preheater burner

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