Ultra Low NOx Burners

Ultra-High Performance.

Rapid Mix Burner (RMB™).

Our RMB system delivers ultra-low emissions for tail gas NOx more affordably than SCRs. A proven alternative to the catalytic control of NOx emissions for the past two decades, the Rapid Mix Burner cuts both costs and space requirements. It’s shown proven success operating at 1,500°F (816°C) with NOx emissions of 7.2 ppm @ 3% O2, dry (~0.03 lbs/ MMBtu).

KEU™ Combustor™.

This leading combustion system features a burner and reaction chamber designed as a single, compact unit. Waste air resp. waste gases are mixed intensively with the fuel and incinerated in a high-turbulence vortex flow. A central clean gas return ensures high flame stability.

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