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Advanced Process Burners (PB108)

Course Pre-reqs: Process Burner Fundamentals

Designed For:

Engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel from hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants around the world.

Course Overview:

Designed to follow the Process Burner Fundamentals (PB107) course. Participants will learn the basics of some of the latest diagnostic techniques for assessing burner and heater performance; achieve a good understanding of what causes burner flames to interact and the effect of having burners placed too close to each other and/or too close to the furnace walls/tubes; understand what is involved in performing a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, and the difficulties and benefits of conducting such an analysis; understand how CFD can be used to solve advanced burner-burner/burner-furnace interactions; and learn the basics of heater design.

The important factors that impact pollution emissions (especially NOx and noise) are discussed, including the techniques for minimizing them. Alternate fuels and oil firing are discussed. Participants will learn the key parameters in burner testing in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner, and how to identify problems with firing waste fuels and methods for firing waste fuels. Some live demonstrations will be used to illustrate concepts covered in the course.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the course the student should be able to:

  • Discuss the basics of oil burner design
  • Correct and convert NOx emissions to other units
  • Discuss what factors affect NOX and list burner design strategies for reducing NOx emissions
  • Discuss the use and limitations of computational fluid dynamics
  • Calculate a test blend composition
  • List noise sources and control methods
  • Describe different types of fired heaters
  • Discuss different types of alternate fuels
  • Describe various types of alternate fuel burners
  • Discuss advanced techniques for monitoring heater performance

Some Topics Covered During the Course:

  • Advanced Process Diagnostics
  • Pollution Emissions
  • Noise
  • CFD Modeling
  • Fuel Types
  • Burner Testing
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Steam/Methane Reformers | Combustion Systems
  • Ethylene Cracking Furnaces | Fundamentals & Combustion Systems


This course is eligible for 1.4 CEUs.

Course Flyer

Course Name Location Date Cost

Advanced Process Burners (PB108)
Prerequisite: PB107/Process Burner Fundamentals

Tulsa, OK
April 24 - 25, 2024


Advanced Process Burners (PB108)
Prerequisite: PB107/Process Burner Fundamentals

Tulsa, OK
September 25 - 26, 2024