Comprehensive Flare Gas Recovery

System Integration Strategies.

Engineering: We’ll analyze your specific flare system and evaluate the economic feasibility of installing a flare gas recovery system at your facility.

Compressor Evaluation: We’ll determine which compressor technology—reciprocating, screw, liquid ring or sliding vane—is best suited for your specific application.

System Design: Our engineering team will ensure your flare gas recovery system is optimized to reduce NOx, SOx, CO and CO2 emissions.

Modular and Skid Mounted Systems: We provide a complete system—not just components—skid-packaged to simplify installation. Our systems incorporate automated controls using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An Operator Interface Panel (OIP) can also be provided to enhance the monitoring capability of key process parameters and alarms, and problem diagnosis. Controls can also be integrated into an existing DCS.

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